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Hundreds of children have literally grown up here on this campus. Having been a part of our Little Lambs program on through graduation, we call these students Lifers. In Athletics, every athlete is a disciple. In Fine Arts, they perform for an audience of One. These mottos speak to the family partner and mentor relationship that our children receive as students at Cambridge. And when graduation comes and we hear the seniors speaking of respect, honor, and putting God first; we know that the job of our teachers and staff is complete. The mission and vision of developing defenders of the faith has been fulfilled. Aside from being an instrumental ministry, Cambridge is also a leader within the realm of Christian education and is proud of the strength and quality of all our educators and educational programs.

As with any ministry, Cambridge has many needs and would not be here today were it not for the spiritual and financial investment from family and friends within the community. One of the major ways that you can show support for the ministry and education that Cambridge provides is through philanthropic support of our CCS Lancer Annual Fund program. Please consider your gift of support to Cambridge today!

For more information on the many ways to be a part of the CCS Lancer Annual Fund program, contact Advancement@CCSLancers.com or 813-872-6744 ext. 245.

Thank you for your prayerful support of Cambridge Christian School.
Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer!
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